COVID-19 Update – This article covers steps to serve our clients, agents, and employees as the situation unfolds.

Checklist for Reopening Business Post COVID-19 – Get tips from us on how to make your return to work safe.

With growth comes predictable risks. Let us help you manage them.

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MICI has been engaged in insurance since 1933. It has been trusted by individuals and businesses from different industries such as hospitality, education, and telecommunications industry, among others.


Our people are always committed to honing their interpersonal, technical, and financial skills to be able to provide the best comprehensive custom solutions for you.


MICI is highly driven to build trust with their customers and allay their incertitude by ensuring that they will get the value, and sometimes more, of what they paid for.


Talk to our people and get yourself, your business, and your loved ones covered immediately by our different range of products depending on your needs.

Prepare, Prevent, and Protect

Here are some tips and guidelines you can use to safeguard yourself, your business, and your loved ones at your home, your workplace, and on the road.

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