4 Must-Haves for E-Commerce Success

Online shops are the new normal. Learn how you can elevate your brand into a competitive landscape.

If you currently have an e-commerce site or in the process of building one off the ground, you probably know that there are certain aspects that every e-commerce business should have to stay relevant and competitive. Truth be told, it would take more than an impressive website design and good product images to grow and sustainably scale your business.

Regardless if you’re still in the planning stages of opening an e-commerce store or want to know how to further increase your sales, here are 4 must-have factors that attract online shoppers.  

Properly coordinated logistics

For any e-commerce business, good logistics with a strong network nationwide and worldwide will ensure that your products, whether they are RTW fashion, non-durable household goods, or health and beauty items, are delivered to the consumers in a smooth and timely manner. Fundamentally, e-commerce logistics is the moving of inventory from the manufacturer or seller until the product ends up at the hands of the customer. The orderly process typically starts with inventory managing, to order processing, then to shipping. If a customer returns an order, a returns processing and shipping will be made. Fulfilling this process will also require comprehensive motor vehicle insurance to guarantee that the vehicles used can get where they need to go without unexpected hassles and costs. These steps, if appropriately fulfilled, will improve customer satisfaction, thereby enticing more shoppers.

Comprehensive marketing materials

A well-thought-out e-commerce marketing strategy for your business will not only focus on increasing sales and driving brand awareness but will also build quality customer relationships. However, take into account that every marketing material’s performance will depend on your context, your industry, and your products. Nonetheless, if you’re uncertain on how to go ahead about it, start by dividing your customer funnel into 4 stages – awareness, consideration, decision-making, and loyalty stages. With these, you’ll be able to plot out what comprehensive materials you are going to prepare per stage.  For instance, the awareness stage will need blogs, influencer marketing, and online ads. For the consideration stage, positive reviews, value-led content, exit intent pop-up, and shopping cart abandonment emails will help. Meanwhile, with the decision-making stage, materials like tutorials and guides, as well as free shipping vouchers and discount promotions will be able to nudge the customers. Finally, for the loyalty stage, regular newsletters, specialized and personalized offers, exclusive perks, and referral programs will pay off in repeat business.  

Top Notch Customer Service

Exceptional customer service practices create a positive impact on your store’s credibility and reputation. Your e-commerce business will be viewed by your customers as partners, rather than abstract organizations when you adopt a proactive approach. This entails solving a problem before it arises, asking for feedback, offering multiple options, and following up even after the problem has been solved. Also, utilizing all possible customer channels and platforms like social media pages, text messages, email, live chat, and phone calls, is a giveaway that you are always right there and ready to interact with them.  

 Strong online presence

In this digital era, maximizing your online presence is one of the best things you could do for both your business and your customers. Besides building relationships and consumer trust, a strong online presence also enhances accessibility for your e-commerce consumers, garners a larger audience, and showcases your products and services. Indeed, being well represented online is affordable and effective marketing.

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