6 Work from Home Essentials to Increase Your Productivity

Is the work from home setup challenging your usual office productivity? Make your work more meaningful and productive with these tips.

Working remotely and telecommuting has already been some people’s way of life even before they became a necessity. However, for others who are working from home for just the time being – or at least until there’s a vaccine – converting your comfortable, humble abodes into an efficient professional workspace can still pose a challenge. To help, we round up 5 essentials to give you a well-thought-out guide in setting up your extra space conducive to working.

Choose Your Work Space

Good office space at home – irrespective if it’s a small one or a sizeable room – can increase your creativity and productivity levels. When choosing the location of your office, you must consider first the style and the nature of your work, as well as your ability to withstand distractions. 

Get A Lumbar Pillow

In your work from home setup, chances are you spend most of your hours glued to a chair that doesn’t provide the best measure of comfort for your back. This may often result in lower back pain and bad posture. One solution to this problem is to add a lumbar support pillow to your chair. It is designed to provide substantial support to your entire backbone – from your neck to spine and provides quick relief to your untreated muscle fatigue. 

Correctly Position Your Computer Screen

Positioning the computer screen should be at the same approximate height as your eyes. Hence, this will depend on your sitting height. If your monitor is at a lower elevation and forces your eyes to look downward, you might want to use monitor risers or laptop stands to raise your screen relative to your line of eyesight. This will also allow you to utilize the space underneath your monitor or your laptop for additional storage. On the other hand, if your screen is positioned too high which makes you tilt your chin up, you may angle your screen a bit downwards to avoid discomfort, strain, and pain. 

Use A Gadget Disinfectant Spray

Dirt and viruses can last on your gadgets up to a few days. Frequently touched stuff like your phone, your laptop, and your keyboard, have a high risk to spread the germs to your hands, and then to your eyes, nose, and mouth. Therefore, you need to be sanitizing your gadgets that you use often with a proper cleaner, such as a gadget disinfectant spray and a microfiber cloth.

Have A Work Journal

Whether you write in an actual notebook, or key in through a Word or Google Doc, logging down your tasks as well as your daily accomplishments will help you be more productive and feel more motivated. It can also make references easier. For instance, you need to go back on an important note that was discussed in a previous meeting, just scan through your notes rather than jogging through your memory.

Ensure that your home is safe for business

Before you begin working from home, make sure that your house is ergonomically safe and compliant with safety policies. To do this, see to it that your furnishings and equipment are working well. Check for any exposed extension cords and provide your residence with fire extinguishers and smoke detectors. Also, make certain that you have enough coverage in case of loss and damages caused by fire. Don’t have one yet? Inquire now at [email protected].

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