How to Protect Your Essentials in The New Normal

Your essentials matter, protect them and avoid unnecessary spending in the new normal.

The new normal has been a trying time for Filipinos.

Essentials are key components in stopping the spread of COVID-19. Disinfecting tools and protective gears such as face masks and shields are tools in keeping us healthy. With that in mind, there are ways to protect and preserve your essentials to prolong its shelf-life. 

Alcohol and Hand Sanitizers

Rubbing alcohol is perfect for the on-the-go tool in disinfecting yourself from germs. Malls and food establishments also require people to clean their hands before entering the vicinity. For individuals and business owners, MICI would like to remind its readers that alcohol is flammable. Store this essential in cool containers or areas and avoid exposing it to direct sunlight. 

Reusable Face Mask

Using a face mask is currently mandated by the country. As advised by health experts, people should wash their reusable face mask after using it.
Prevent losing your face mask by clipping them in one batch or keeping them in a box. One pro tip from MICI, wash your hands before wearing your face mask.


A functional piece that prevents your facemask from being overexposed by air droplets. After using your face shield, rub it with a disinfecting agent such as rubbing alcohol or dishwashing soap.
MICI also advises you to keep your face shield in a spacious area, this pro-tip prevents you from smashing, squashing, squishing, or damaging your face shield from foreign objects.

Quarantine Pass or Gate Pass

Most quarantine passes are made of paper, a material that is not known to be sturdy. Prevent damaging your pass by laminating it or placing it in an ID holder.

The new normal has challenged the Filipinos, but with the Pinoy fighting spirit, the country and its people have managed to adapt to the new normal. Protect yourself from uncertainties by insuring you and your loved ones with an affordable Personal Accident coverage from MICI, inquire today at [email protected] .

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