MICI understands that your industry

has unique coverage needs

Metropolitan Insurance Company, Inc. isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Whether you operate an engineering firm or a restaurant, you can customize a coverage portfolio that will mitigate your industry’s specific risks.


Auto Manufacturer

We focus on the unique risks to automotive manufacturing operations related to safety incidents and potential supply chain disruptions.


MICI continues to understand that construction projects carry some level of risks like subcontractor default and potential harm against the health and safety of workers, among others.

Food and Beverage Services

We offer highly-skilled underwriting and customized comprehensive solutions to cover the unique challenges of the food and beverage services industry.


Our insurance policy coverage options for hospitals, medical technology, outpatient facilities, and nursing homes are crafted to respond against unprecedented risks.


Our coverage can address risks as well as exposures associated with transport and logistics that can affect the carrying of the products from one location to another.

Real Estate

MICI has developed different product lines to address the specific commercial insurance policy requirements of the real estate industry in the country.


MICI knows the retail industry and has coverage to safeguard the health and welfare of the employees, along with the substantial investment in retail store equipment and products.