Cat PURRtection

Give your cat the medical care they need in case of emergencies for as low as ₱1,125 with MICI Cat PURRtection. Buy your plan from our online shop today!

Protecting yourself and your beloved pet from unexpected financial events has never been more convenient and cheaper!

MICI’s Cat PURRtection covers your cats from accidents, illnesses, emergency care and more. It also comes with extended Personal Accident Insurance for you as the pet owner.

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Product Details of Pet Insurance for Cats
  • One-time payment for one (1) year coverage
  • Hassle-free online self-registration service
  • To be eligible for cover under this policy, the pet cat must be aged between three (3) months to seven (7) years old.
  • Maximum of 1 Pet Insurance per pet
  • With extended Personal Accident Insurance for the pet owner
Extended Personal Accident Insurance for the Pet Owner
  • To be eligible for cover under this policy, the individual must be aged between eighteen (18) to seventy  (70) years old
  • No medical screening required
  • For the full terms and conditions, as well as general exclusions, email us at [email protected].

The Coverage Your Pet Needs

Pet Medical Cash Assistance

Reimbursement for expenses related to pet hospitalization, surgery, and medications resulting from an accident.


Lost Pet

Covers your pet if it goes missing and is not found despite the search efforts made by the pet owner


Death and Permanent Disability of Pet

Accidents that resulted in the loss of use of body parts, injuries, disability, or death


Pet Burial Assistance

Reimbursement of expenses if the insured pet passed away due to an accident

Cat PURRtection Coverage
Accidental Death and Permanent Disability of Pet₱50,000
Lost Pet₱10,000

Subject to a 90-day waiting period:
If your pet gets lost, you must wait 90 days before you can file a claim.
Pet Burial Assistance₱5,000
Pet Medical Cash Assistance (Accident Related)₱10,000
Extended Personal Accident Insurance Coverage for the Pet Owner
Accidental Death and Permanent Disability₱100,000
Unprovoked Murder and Assault₱100,000
Accidental Death and Permanent Disability due to Acts of Nature₱10,000 (Combined for Pet and Pet Owner)
Accidents due to Motorcycling₱50,000 (Combined for Pet and Pet Owner)

Limits of Liability:
1. Accidental Death and Permanent Disability: ₱50,000
2. Unprovoked Murder and Assault: ₱50,000
3. Medical Cash Assistance (Accident Related): ₱5,000
4. Burial Assistance ₱2,500

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Pet Cat Insurance: Premium / Cover

Free = 10K, ₱1,125.00 = 50K