CTPL Insurance for Private Cars

Drive responsibly with MICI’s LTO-Accredited Private Car CTPL Insurance. For just ₱560, ensure your annual registration is effortless while securing protection against financial liabilities in the event of injury or fatality caused by your insured vehicle.


  1. Customer can only purchase 1 CTPL insurance per order. You can make a new order to buy more.

  2. A person can have a maximum 1 CTPL insurance policy per vehicle under Metropolitan Insurance Company Inc. (MICI)

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Product Details of CTPL Insurance for Private Cars
  • Payout upon the death or bodily injury of third party victims of up to 200,000 in the event of vehicular-related accidents involving the insured vehicle
  • Payout to the third-party person in case of death
  • Payout to the third-party person in case of hospitalization, such as hospital and operating rooms, use of ambulance service, surgical charges, as well as drugs and medicine expenses, among others
  • Payout to the third-party person in case of body dismemberment; each body part equals a certain amount of payout
  • One (1) time payment for one (1) year coverage
  • Hassle-free online self-registration service
  • In accordance with Paragraph (c ) of Section 386, Chapter VI of the Insurance Code of the Philippines, the CTPL Policy does not cover family and close relatives, employee passengers working under the insured, passengers of public transportation, and passengers of service vehicles.
  • For the full terms and conditions, as well general exclusions, email us at [email protected].

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