Laptop Protect+

Get one year’s worth of protection from costly repair fees and many things that isn’t covered by your laptop’s standard warranty with MICI’s Laptop Protect+ Insurance.

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Level Up Your Laptop’s Protection

MICI Laptop Protect+ lets you use your computer without worries. If your insured computer breaks due to an accident, spill, house fire, lightning strike, robbery, or a natural disaster, you’ll get compensated in cash. This way, you can get it fixed or replaced ASAP. 

Here’s a brief look at the insurance coverages MICI’s Laptop Protect+ offers.

Accidental Damage

Unexpected events, like your pet shoving your laptop to the floor, can damage your laptop’s expensive components. MICI Laptop Protect+ shields you from costly repair or replacement fees in case your device gets into such accidents.

Liquid Damage

Coffee and energy drinks are every gamer and work-from-home employee’s best friend. Unfortunately, they’re also your laptop’s worst enemy. MICI Laptop Protect+ safeguards you from expensive repair costs if you spill anything on your laptop.

Fire and Lightning

Lightning strikes, short circuits, and house fires happen without warning and can completely destroy your laptop. MICI Laptop Protect+ compensates you for your laptop components’ full price in case they get damaged in such events.

Typhoon, Flood, and Other Acts of Nature

Typhoons bring strong wind, rainfall, and flood which can cause irreparable damage to your home, and ultimately, your laptop. MICI’s Laptop Protect+ helps you fund a replacement if your rig gets wrecked during a storm or any other natural disaster.


Robbery is one of the most common crimes in the country. As such, you should prepare for the worst, even if your laptop is secure behind closed doors. MICI Laptop Protect+ compensates you for your laptop’s full price in case robbers steal or break your laptop.

Protect Your Laptop in Just a Few Clicks

Insuring your laptop with MICI is easy. Just choose the coverage that fits your budget, fill out the online application form at checkout, pay online, and wait a few business days for your insurance certificate.

Have Any Questions or Concerns? Reach Out to Us!

To learn more about MICI Laptop Protect+, speak with our support team through these channels:

Phone: +63 2 8867 2888

Email: [email protected]

Insurance Product Summary

Product Details for Laptop Protect+

  • One-time payment for one (1) year’s worth of coverage

  • Hassle-free online application

  • Customizable coverage terms

  • Your laptop must be less than 36 months old from the date of purchase to qualify for insurance.

Claim Settlement Terms

  1. We provide cash settlement, whether your laptop needs repairs or a full replacement.

  2. If your laptop is still fixable, you need to present a repair estimate created by your trusted repair shop.

  3. Your laptop’s components wear down over time. As such, the value you can claim depreciates by 1% monthly once your Laptop Protect+ policy becomes active.
Accidental DamageUp to ₱50,000
Liquid DamageUp to ₱50,000
TheftUp to ₱50,000
Acts of NatureUp to ₱50,000
Fire & LightningUp to ₱50,000

Additional information

Laptop Insurance: Premium / Cover

₱1,000 = 10K, ₱2,000 = 20K, ₱3,000 = 30K, ₱4,000 = 40K, ₱5,000 = 50K