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Protect yourself from the stress, inconvenience, and unexpected expenses associated with the cost of having your mobile phones damaged and repaired. With MICI’s affordable phone insurance, you are confident that a vital part of your everyday life is insured.


  1. Customers can only purchase 1 Phone Insurance per order. You can make a new order to buy more.

  2. A person can have 1 active phone insurance policy per smartphone under Metropolitan Insurance Company Inc. (MICI).

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Product Details of Phone Insurance
  • Coverage for Accidental Damage (including Liquid Damage) to the mobile phone due to external causes
  • Coverage for stolen phones due to burglary or robbery
  • To be eligible for cover under this policy, the individual must be a Filipino citizen of at least Eighteen (18) years of age and not among those prohibited by law to enter into a contractual relationship.
  • This product is eligible for cellular or mobile phones within three years of age.
  • Claim/s will be paid out through Cash Settlement/s for the insured. In the event of any loss/damage that the Claims Department will evaluate, the insured will be offered option/s depending on the extent of damage/s to the insured unit.
  • For the full terms and conditions, as well as general exclusions, email us at [email protected].
Claim Settlement Options
  1. Reimbursement of urgent/advance mobile phone repair of up to 30% of the total limit of repair and replacement of parts of the fair market value of the item insured.
  2. Payout for partial loss of up to 31% to 74% of the total limit of repair and replacement of parts of the fair market value of the item insured.
  3. Payout for a total loss of Damages that exceed 75% subject to the fair market value of the item insured at the time of loss.

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