Updates to MICI’s Pet Insurance Terms and Coverage

We’re making changes to MICI Pet Insurance’s terms and coverage for new policies and renewals. Here’s what you need to know about them.

Heads-up, fur parents! We will be changing the coverage and terms for MICI Pet Insurance this March 01, 2023. These revisions will affect both new policies and renewals. Read on to find out what we changed.

Pet Medical Cash Assistance Revisions

This coverage used to offer up to ₱10,000 worth of financial aid for your pet’s hospitalization, medication, or surgery. Now, we’ve split Medical Cash Assistance into two classifications: Accident Related and Non-Accident Related. 

Here’s a look at the maximum coverage you can get with the previous policy vs. the updated one. 

Previous CoverageUpdated Coverage
Pet Medical Cash Assistance – ₱10,000Pet Medical Cash Assistance (Accident Related) – ₱10,000

Pet Medical Cash Assistance (Non-accident Related) – 50% of total bill amount, maximum of ₱5,000

What Counts as Accident Related?

With the updated policy, you can only claim the full coverage of ₱10,000 if your pet was accidentally harmed. Examples of this include them getting injured because of a car crash or accidentally eating food that is toxic to them.

What Counts as Non-Accident Related?

We still offer cash assistance for non-accidental situations, but for 50% of the maximum coverage. Here are the qualifying conditions for coverage:

  1. Stomach Issues
  2. Persistent Skin Conditions
  3. Persistent Ear Infections
  4. Persistent Eye Conditions
  5. Growth/Lump/Stiffness And Pain
  6. Urinary Tract Infections
  7. Limping
  8. Dental Diseases

Does This Affect My Yearly Premium?

No, the Pet Medical Cash Assistance changes will not affect your annual premium. You’ll pay the same amount if you renew your plan, given that you purchased it at the regular price.

What Else Changed? 

  • Maximum eligible pet age – We’ve extended MICI Pet Insurance’s maximum eligibility from 7 years old to 8 years old. 
  • Additional Coverage for Pet Owners – We’ve also added these coverages for the pet owner’s Extended Personal Accident Insurance:
    • Accidental Death and Permanent Disability of Pet or Owner due to Acts of Nature
    • Accidental Death and Permanent Disability of Pet or Owner due to Motorcycling

Feel free to reach out to us if you have more questions about these changes. We’re happy to help you understand the insurance products you buy from us. 

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