What is Pet Insurance, and How Does it Work?

If you want to be a responsible fur parent, you need to have your pet insured. Here’s what you need to know about pet insurance and its various coverages.

Almost 80% of Pinoys own pets, according to a recent Rakuten Insights study. More and more people are considering adopting one. In fact, Filipinos had the most Google searches for pets and fur baby adoptions during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, a report by iPrice Group stated. 

Interest in pet adoption is on the rise in the Philippines

It’s clear that people want to have pets or are looking to grow their fur family. But are they ready for the responsibility? 

What it Takes to Be a Good Pet Parent

Pets are cute companions who will give you years of pure joy and love. However, pet parenthood is not always belly rubs and adorable Instagram posts. 

You have to get used to cleaning up after their messes, which you’ll encounter several times a week. They also need pet food, which may cost more than your own. 

Pet parenthood is hard work!

Most importantly, you must stay on top of your fur baby’s health. Apart from regular checkups and vaccinations, you should also be ready for emergencies. Sudden illnesses and accidental injuries can happen even if your pet is indoors. Such medical issues can cost you thousands of pesos in vet bills. 

If you want to ease your fur baby’s emergency expenses, consider getting pet insurance.

What is Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance compensates you if your fur baby gets accidentally injured or suddenly ill. This way, you can pay their emergency medical bills without digging deep into your savings. 

Pet insurance helps you recover financially from expensive vet bills

Apart from cash assistance and accident coverage, our pet insurance policy at Metropolitan Insurance Company Inc. (MICI) also offers a payout if your pet gets lost or if you need burial assistance for their untimely passing. 

How Does Pet Insurance Work?

  • Get Your Pet Covered First, you’ll need an insurance policy that fits your pet. At MICI, we offer cat and dog insurance for all breeds, including your lovable puspins and aspins. Once you get your fur baby’s insurance certificate, there will be a waiting period of about two weeks before they are fully insured. 
  • Prepare for Your Claim – If your pet gets into a medical emergency, you should make a claim immediately. An insurance claim is your formal request to your insurance company for payment because of a covered incident. In pet insurance’s case, the incident would be an accidental injury, sudden illness, or death. Here’s what you should prepare:
    • Vet bills and receipts related to the incident
    • A notarized report of the incident
    • Your pet’s insurance policy number
    • Your contact details
    • Your bank or e-wallet details
    • Burial expense receipts (if any)
  • Make Your Claim – Once your documents are ready, send copies or pictures of them to your insurance provider.
  • Get Your Payout – When your insurer receives your documents, it will take them a few days to process your request and send your payout.  
Pet insurance gives you peace of mind in case your fur baby gets into a mishap

Being a good pet parent means being ready for every possible problem you and your fur baby may encounter. And there’s nothing worse than a medical emergency. With pet insurance, you get peace of mind knowing that you’re financially ready for such situations.

Now that you know all about pet insurance, all you need to do is get a policy that suits your fur baby’s needs.

Give Your Best Companion the Best Protection

Protect your fur baby from accidental injuries and sudden illnesses with MICI Dog PAWtection and Cat PURRtection. These products offer cash assistance, permanent disability and accidental death coverage, burial benefit, and lost pet coverage for as low as ₱1,125 a year. 

Apply for a policy in just a few clicks on the MICI online shop today. 

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