About Us

Metropolitan Insurance Company Inc.(MICI) is a seasoned non-life insurance company with 87 years of industry experience.

The strategic product lines of MICI helps businesses, families, and working professionals prevent financial liabilities from accidents. Its coverages ensure that in times of need, MICI is the Metro’s most reliable.

Since 1933, we provide insurance that you need at a greater value

Our aim is to provide the best client experience possible through our efficient customer relations team, through our online insurance platform, and through our creative product innovation.

We are committed to be customer-centric at all times and provide a unique customer experience that exceeds the current industry practices


In Compliance with Insurance Commission Circular Letter 2020-72/ The Annual Corporate Governance Report (ACGR) and copies of supporting documents to the responses are hereby uploaded in the company website. Click any of the link below to get access to these documents.