How to Renew Your Car’s Registration Using LTO’s Online Portal

LTO recently launched its online registration for plain renewal. Here are the requirements you need to get your car registration renewed on the platform.

You can now renew your car’s registration online using the Land Transportation Office’s (LTO) portal. It only applies to plain renewal. So, you can’t renew your registration on the platform if:

  • You intend to change ownership
  • You have pending traffic alarms
  • You changed your car’s color or engine

Otherwise, online registration is easy if you have the required documents. You should have updated Compulsory Third Party Liability (CTPL) or Motor Vehicle Insurance. Your vehicle must also pass a roadworthiness test from a private motor vehicle inspection center (PMVIC). 

Get Protected 

One of the essential documents for car registration is an insurance certificate. It shows you can pay for damages if your car hits another vehicle or person.

At Metropolitan Insurance Company Inc. (MICI), we offer two types of insurance that you can use for car registration. These include: 

  • CTPL Insurance protects you from financial obligations if you harm a third party in a road accident. MICI CTPL Insurance offers up to ₱100,000 coverage for only ₱560 a year.
  • Motor Vehicle Insurance is a more comprehensive plan. It offers CTPL but also covers your car repair and medical bills if you get into an accident. This product also covers you if your car gets damaged because of acts of nature. The price of this policy depends on the type of vehicle you have and how long you’ve had it for.
You can customize your car insurance plan to fit your needs and budget

Your certificate of cover will automatically be sent to LTO’s system. However, you should keep copies of your insurance documents. After purchasing your insurance online, you’ll receive an e-policy via email.

Get Your Vehicle Inspected

Once you get your insurance, take your car to your nearest PMVIC for inspection. After your car passes the test, the record will automatically appear in LTO’s system. Get copies of the inspection records and receipts, just to be sure.

PMVICs check your car’s emission, suspension, brakes, lights, and wheel alignment to ensure it’s safe to drive

Get Your Car Registered

Now that you have completed the requirements, you can finish your registration on the LTO online portal. New users must sign up and follow the instructions to create their accounts.

The LTO portal will email you to activate your account within 24 hours. Follow the instructions, and you should be able to sign in.

Apart from online registration, the LTO portal also offers free resources about driving fundamentals, road safety, and more

If you already have an account, log in to the car registration renewal page. Review your car inspection and insurance details before paying the registration fee. After payment, you’ll get an official receipt in the portal and your email. And just like that, you’ve renewed your registration!

Get Reliable Insurance for Your Car Registration

If you need basic insurance for vehicle registration, MICI CTPL has you covered. It offers ₱100k third-party liability coverage for as low as ₱560 annually. 

Need more comprehensive coverage? Get MICI Motor Vehicle Insurance. It covers you, your passengers, your vehicle, and the third party in case of an accident.

Visit the MICI shop today to buy your policy online.


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