Steps to Take if Your Dog Gets into an Accident

Your dog can get into all sorts of accidents, even if they’re safe at home. Know the steps you need to take in case your fur baby gets unexpectedly hurt.

Even if your pet stays indoors, the chances of accidents are never zero. They can get caught in wires, tip furniture, and even hit by a car if they run out your door. You must know how to handle an injured pet while waiting for emergency services.

Understand Your Pet’s Pain

The gentlest and sweetest animals can bite and scratch you when distressed. So, be patient and calm when approaching your injured dog. Keep your face away from their mouth, and don’t try to hug them. Try to identify the area of the injury or pain and avoid touching it.

Call the Vet

Before moving your pet to a vehicle, call their veterinarian or the nearest animal hospital. Describe the injury and illness briefly. This way, they can prioritize your emergency case when you get there. Call your dog insurance provider as well to get the requirements for a claim.

The sooner you get your injured pet to a professional, the better their chances of recovery will be.

Perform First Aid

Depending on the severity of your pet’s injury or illness, they may need first aid before you transport them to the nearest vet. Here’s what you can do for different conditions:

Open Wounds

  • Get a clean towel and apply direct pressure to the wound
  • If your pet tries to bite you, have them wear a muzzle
  • If the bleeding is severe, add even more layers of towels and transfer your dog to the vehicle to head to the vet
You can also use gauze bandages to minimize bleeding from your dog’s wounds.


  • Place both arms on the side of your pet’s ribs and apply quick pressure to push air, and hopefully the object, out of their system.
  • You can also get a pair of tweezers and try to pry the object from their mouth, putting you at risk of being bitten. So, it’s best to get the vet to do this.


  • Clear the area of any furniture, sharp objects, and other pets
  • Do NOT try to restrain your dog during a seizure. Time the attack instead.
  • Take them to the vet once their seizure has stopped and report the length of the attack.


  • Before taking your pet to the vet, get some ice water and submerge a towel in it
  • Use the wet towel to cool the areas around your dog’s neck and head
  • Wring out the water and repeat the previous process on the way to the clinic


  • Call the veterinarian immediately if you suspect your pet consumed something poisonous
  • Get ahold of what’s left of what your pet ate and place it in a plastic bag
  • Take your dog to the vet and present the material to the vet for examination
  • Don’t try to make your pet vomit the poisonous material. Let a professional do it for you.
Chocolate can be toxic for your dog. Even the tiniest amount can make them sick.

Fracture or Dislocation

  • If you notice your pet is limping or unable to stand at all, they may suffer from a fracture or dislocation.
  • Gently carry your pet to a blanket and wrap it around them before taking them to the vet. This restricts their movement, reducing the chances of them making the injury worse.
  • Bandaging or splintering a fracture yourself may do more harm than good. Let the vet handle this procedure.

Seeing your pet suffering from an accident is one of the most challenging things you’ll experience as a fur parent. However, you should know to stay calm and act fast to keep your dog safe and comfortable until you get them to the vet. Use the tips above to be the best pet parent you can be when the worst comes to worst.

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