What Drivers Can Learn from the Latest MMDA MMARAS Report

The latest MMDA MMARAS report shows how common, deadly, and expensive road crashes are in the Metro. Here’s what you can learn from the data as a road user.

Driving is a mundane task for many Filipinos that traverse Metro Manila’s major highways daily. It’s easy to forget that one mistake behind the wheel can cause a life-changing accident. Road crashes are unfortunately common in the country’s capital region. 

The Metro Manila Development Authority’s (MMDA) latest Metro Manila Accident Reporting and Analysis System (MMARAS) annual report found that there were 58,447 crashes in the region in 2021. Over 42,812 accidents caused property damage, while 15,250 cases resulted in non-fatal injuries. Over 385 people lost their lives in road crashes in 2021. 

The report also dove deep into the data to show how many accidents happen daily, the most common crash causes, and which are the most deadly. Here’s a quick overview of the MMARAS 2021 report and what you can learn from it as a driver.

More Than 100 Crashes Happen in the Metro Every Day

Metro Manila is a dangerous place to be a road user. Over 160 crashes happen every day on the region’s roads, according to the report.

Almost half of those accidents involve private cars. About 23.85% include motorcycles. These numbers are in stark contrast to accidents involving public vehicles like jeeps (2.42%), taxis and AUVs (2.97%), and tricycles (1.47%). 

These figures show that private vehicle drivers may need refresher courses regarding road safety since they’re involved in most of the accidents in the Metro. And with how common crashes are, having a reliable Compulsory Third Party Liability (CTPL) policy or comprehensive car insurance is crucial. 

Sideswipes and Rear-enders are the Most Common Crashes

Accidents in the Metro often involve sideswipes (16,395 cases) and rear-enders (11,039 cases). Sideswipes usually happen on highways, where vehicles move so fast that drivers find it hard to determine their speed and position to other cars. A small lane change or turning mistake can lead to a disastrous sideswipe. 

Rear-enders, on the other hand, can happen even in slow-moving traffic. Tailgating is the usual suspect. If the driver in front makes a panic stop, their bumper is bound to get hit by the tailgater. 

These common accidents can be deadly, too. Around 43 people died due to sideswipes, and 36 people lost their lives from rear-enders in 2021. These numbers indicate that distracted drivers can end up being killers in a matter of seconds. Being well-rested and alert is essential before getting behind the wheel. 

Pedestrians Have it Worst

The most troubling statistic in the latest MMDA report is fatal collisions. Drivers killed over 104 pedestrians in 2021. This made up over 27% of total fatalities due to collisions. Poorly built and maintained infrastructure is a significant factor, according to a study on the frequency and severity of pedestrian accidents in the country.

The paper, published in the International Association of Traffic And Safety Sciences (IATSS) Research journal, stated that roads with footbridges were more likely to have pedestrian accident cases. This is troubling, as footbridges are supposed to prevent such incidents. 

Roads with overpasses are usually major throughways that encourage speeding. After all, drivers wouldn’t expect to see pedestrians on the road when there’s a footbridge.

The author recommended stricter compliance and regulations for pedestrians. On the other hand, mobility advocates like the Move as One Coalition recommend installing more ground-level pedestrian lanes. These accommodate people who cannot take the stairs due to medical conditions or old age. Some footbridges are also poorly lit and empty at night, which makes people feel unsafe and vulnerable when using them.

Pedestrians are at the mercy of drivers every time they cross the road. As such, it’s crucial to slow down on crossings, even on ones with footbridges. Keep your eye out for people who may be in the middle of crossing the road to prevent collisions. 

The numbers don’t lie. Accidents are more common than you think, especially on the Metro’s major roads. However, the MMARAS report shouldn’t scare you from driving. Take it as a reminder that driving is a privilege. You’re responsible for the safety of the road users you encounter daily. 

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